Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Makeup looks compilation 2010

This is just a complilation of looks this year. If your friends with me on facebook, you have seen them all! But for those of you who haven't well here ya go! Most are pretty dramatic sooooo... if you need some dramatic inspiration, well this is for you :)




Monday, December 27, 2010

Friends, pics, eyeshadows,blogs and a contest.

How was everyone's Holiday?  Hopefully you all had a wonderful time!  I think I ate myself silly!  Candy, cookies, and cakes everywhere I went, I am still stuffed!!!!  Ha.

So this past month I sent a couple of the new colors shadows I have been blending out to friends and recieved this great pic of my friend Mandi wearing  "Naughty Librarian" (purple) and "Princess Fluffybutt" (pink)
They look great!
Thanks so much for taking the pic you look supercute, Mandi. :)
I would like to encourage my readers to check out Mandi's Blogs

Mandi ur so cute

Also my friend Jen took some great pics wearing naughty librarian. And you can check those out by by Clicking here (BTW Jen If you would like them uploaded here please send me a copy of the pics to my email at  Thanks so much for the support ladies, I am so happy to have your friendship!

I also would like to announce that in the next couple of weeks or so PowerfulflamingRose from youtube and I will be throwing a Makeup contest and although themes are still up in the air we are thinking something like "My Creepy Valentine".  You know how I love my scary makeup looks!  So I hope you all will participate ,we are gathering up some great makeup prizes!!! So stayed tuned!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Makeup Gods shined down on me today - Chikuhodo z-series

Ok so I have been trying to think of a way to word this blog all day without sounding like I am bragging. But there is no other way to say it. My very good friend Debra also Playboy Playmate of the Year 1978  Click here to Learn more about Debra

 gave me a set of  Makeup brushes today because she watched my youtube video about some of my brushes being missing.  Well Debra just didn't give me any ole set of brushes. Debra gave me the Chikuhodo z-series set.

 Ok.... deep breath in...  I am so giddy I cannot control myself.   The Chikuhodo z-series is top of the line. I mean the Top!  In makeup land these brushes reign supreme.... These brushes are handcrafted in Japan and this is the only series that Tesshu ( Master Japanese Brush Artist and Chairman of Chikuhodo) overseas to the last hair.

They are AMAZING people.  It literally feels like what I would imagine Gods hand brushing across my face would feel like... Seriously.

Ok onto the 2nd part to this amazing gift and this story. Sweet Debra recieved these brushes as a gift from a friend who thought she might use them.  Her friend who I assume a very Hollywood connected sort was in possession of these brushes because something happened to the lady in which they were made for.. either she didn't show up or didn't need them.... something to that extent.  So guess who the lady was?

Sofia Coppola!    Learn more about Sofia Coppola

Now how AWESOME is that?!?!?  Sofia's name is Engraved on all the brushes!
I will absolutely be doing a Youtube review on theses in the Near future!

This is literally one of the coolest gifts ever!
Thank you so Much Debra, you are the BEST!


Chikuhodo web site (most of site in Japanese!)
Chikuhodo Brush Roll

Monday, December 20, 2010

If they can start Christmas before Halloween I can start Mardi Gras before Christmas!

Hey guys

you know me....
Always playing with Makeup

Here is a little Mardi Gras Inspiration for you

Tell me if you like :)



Friday, December 17, 2010

Hey I won an Award!


I am so glad no one hates me :)

Thanks for the award Jen. <3

If you are interested in a foul mouthed, in your face, tell it like it is Blog that is sprinkled  with a little sweetness and a whole lotta naughty check out my friend Jen's Blog!
Click here to visit Jen's blog, " Randomness that sparkles"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Stuff

Hi my dear Friends :)

  Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been hard at work on building a store webpage for my collection of Eyeshadows. I can't wait! So look for it soon. I hope to have it up and running by the end of next month!  I am really proud of my shadows and have spent the last few months playing with colors and different ingredients and have just really been having a fun time doing it. 

Sorry if I haven't been blogging as often as I should, shame on me! But with the Holiday season here I have been busy busy :) 

I hope everyone is doing Fab and I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas



Friday, December 10, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Contest Entry # 3 Ice Queen

Ok so this is my last entry to the Nightmare before Christmas Contest on youtube. I am contested OUT! ha! BTW the contest just wasn't about the nightmare before Christmas, it was to be inspired by anything Christmas, Halloween, or Tim Burton.

Anyways Love you guys.

night night


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Contest Entry #2 Zombie Santa

Yeah so this is what I have been up to. Just because it's Christmas that doesn't mean it can't be Halloween too! Ha. This is actually a contest entry for AnaAuthur81's (one of my favoritest youtube guru's) nightmare before christmas contest. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Skincare

It's that time of year again ladies, the holiday season is upon us .  Its the time of year where we all seem to be the most socially active...  shopping, holiday parties, visiting with family,roasting chestnuts on an open fire... ha.  It's a busy time of the year, it is also the time of year where many of us suffer from dry and chapped skin.  So I just wanted to give you a few tips on keeping your skin looking and feeling its best this Winter.

This is Something you should be doing 365 days a year and not just in the summer and that is you need to be always  wearing a facial moisterizer with atleast an SPF of 15 .  I cannot stress how important this is. Just because it's not hot outside does not mean that the sun rays aren't any less damaging. You will thank me for this is in a few years.
I really like this one!

Wear protective clothing.  Keep bundled up and don't let the extremeties have a chance to to get to your skin.

No hot showers! Warm is fine but a really hot shower is going to dry your skin out more than ever. While in the shower use a body moisturizing shower gel  or try out something new like  a goat milk soap, which is a fatty soap and is oh so nice for the skin, Upon getting out of the shower lather on a nice thick lotion to keep all that moisture in.  Also you sufferers of Eczema, this should  always be the standard  in your routine.

 Chapped lips are major concern that most of us will suffer from this winter.
 Ok first of all stop licking those lips! Next keep your lips protected. I think the best thing to use is plain ole Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly. Either out of a jar or from a tube, start using it now before you they become chapped!  I do not recommend carmex or other lip products that contain menthol.  Menthol will dry your lips out! 

You know you love it.
I hope you enjoyed my tips to keeping Winter Woes at bay. The key, as always, is prevention.  So keep moisturized and bundled up this winter and you should be good to go!
                                       xoxoxoxox Muah xoxoxoxoxxo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ELF and MAC Tartan Haul and Mini Review

For some reason or Other my videos don't show up as well on blogger as they do on youtube, for better quality and to check out some of my other videos please follow the above link, also Please subscribe there!!! It makes me Happy :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue smokey eyes and Tips on how to use loose eyeshadow dry or wet

How to use loose eyeshadow Dry

First thing you need to do is sprinkle a small bit of shadow into the lid

Next we want to protect our under eye area from fallout, you can do this one of two ways:

 Way number one Use a piece of paper, tissue, paper towel... anything along these lines to protect from fallout

OK now way #2 and this is what I prefer to do. Take  a loose powder and sweep it under your eyes. When your done putting on your eyeshadow you simply dust off the powder!

OK now its time for the shadow. Pat your brush gently into the shadow and tap off any excess back into your lid.

Now its time to apply to the eye.  With loose shadows you want to apply your eyeshadow in a patting motion, a sweeping motion may be used if you want just a wash of color.

OK wow, see all that fallout above?  Well once your finished applying shadow just sweep it away with a brush, your loose powder has prevented it getting on your skin, yay!

And that is how we apply loose shadow or pigment to our eyes dry. Next I am going to show you how to apply shadow wet or foiled.  Alot of people like to apply loose shadow this way because you don't have to take all the necessary precautions for fallout as you do the dry way. All you need is a little shadow and a couple drops of water, your shadow mixture shouldn't be too thick or too thin. Add a little water at a time to reach the proper consistency. When wetting your shadow you are going to make your shadow color super intense so I hope you like a little drama!  Also a wet shadow makes a great eyeliner just apply with a flat brush.

You apply wet shadow in the same way as you applied it dry, in a patting motion. Once on wait a minute or two for the shadow to dry.

See how intense the color is?  To turn this blue eye into a finished smokey eye  blend a black shadow into the crease , highlighted the brow with a shimmery white add eyeliner and a black Mascara.

Well ladies and gentlemen  I hope these tips helped you out in one way or another! Thanks for reading!



p.s. The blue eyeshadow is called Starry Night and it's one I have made, ain't it pretty? :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How do bodywraps work and can I lose weight getting a body wrap?

Thinking about getting a bodywrap?  Wondering how exactly it is that you can lose up to 20 inches in one hour?  Well you have come to the right place. Although some people choose body wraps for their detoxifying purposes most are wanting to see a loss in inches due to a slimming wrap.

What kind of bodywraps are there?
Bodywraps come in many forms. Some use mud and clays, some use gels, and almost all use some form of compression such as being wrapped in ace bandages , gauze, or cellophane.

What to expect when coming in for a body wrap?
Before coming into the spa or salon most Estheticians will recommend drinking atleast 20 oz water as you will be losing water during the service due to the compression of the wrap.

When you arrive you will be measured around areas such as your thighs, arms, buttock, and abdomen so you will have a clear record of how many inches you have lost once the wrap is finished

Next you will remove all or some of your clothes so your Esthetician can apply their solution of choice to your body.

Your Esthetician then will most likely wrap you up tight and either have you lay in a relaxing place  covered with a blanket or a Mylar sheet.  Some wraps require a low intensity exercise such as a walk on the treadmill to help release more stored up water in your body.

The whole process shouldn't take more than an hour. Your Esthetician will then come in unwrap you and take your measurements again and hopefully you will come out looking more toned and have lots and lots of inches gone!

Body wraps normally come in a series so be ready to rebook!

But how did  the wrap work?

Well as I said there are many different kinds of wraps used but they all have the same basic principle.  All bodywrap solutions either contain strong concoctions of herbs, aloe,  vitamin enriched mud and clays... lots of good stuff that is meant to help penetrate and detoxify the skin. The warmth of blankets or exercise will further help your bodywrap solution penetrate.  The reason for wrapping is also to help aid in the penetration of product but the main reason is  to help compress the fat cells. This is where the real inch loss and detoxifying properties start working. When shrinking the fat cell the theory is you will also help detoxify that cell. That is why after your appointment you should drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins your cells released during your bodywrap. You should also avoid anything salty, fatty, or carbonated. You just got a bodywrap, lets keep that inch loss for as long as we can.

How long will this last?

Well that depends on you, if you can stay away from the things I said to avoid then you will most likely hold on to it for a while. If you go on eating badly then don't look for it to last more than a weeks or so.

Can you lose weight?

Yes and no. Depending on your frequency of bodywraps and your commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can lose weight. I find that most clients that book a long series of wraps 8-10 will end up losing somewhere along the lines or 10-15 pounds. Is it the wraps? Is the change in lifestyle? I like to say both. If your getting  one or two wraps before a special occasion your most likely not going to lose anything but the incredible inch loss is a fantastic motivator to do something about those few extra pounds you might need to lose.

So whether you are thinking about trying out a bodywrap or just wanted a little info, I hope I helped.

Happy wrapping ladies!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MAC warm thrillseekers Tartan review

Ok this will be the last time I mention the tartan warm pigments. Wow what can I say I wait all year for these mini pigment sets and this set was just.... ok.....Mind you the colors are pretty but they just aren't for me. The only two colors that will be in use in my personal makeup kit for eyes will be the Gilted Green and Reflects bronze these are really really pretty on! The rest of the colors really just aren't doing it for me.

left to right: Most Darling , Reflects Bronze, Gilded Green, Gift o'Glamour, Gold Mode

The worst of the bunch would have to be "Most Darling" its a medium tone brown and is just not very flattering.. the texture is yuck.. very chalky..and the color payoff is yuck as well. Gift o'Glamour and Gold mode although they don't look good on my lids I think they will be pretty mixed with some gloss. Oh also Gift o'glamour mixed with a little facial moisturizer makes a great highlighter. So all is not lost.  If your in the market for something from this collection I suggest skipping the warms and going with the smokey collection!

not the best pic.. sorry! This is the green w/ bronze glitter on top

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ulta Interview and MAC tartan update

Ok so I went to my interview today, everything seemed to go fine. I admit I was a tad nervous but the staff seems nice so my mind was put at ease. I was mainly asked questions like, "Name a situation where you have helped a coworker.." name a  time you helped a coworker"... I felt kinda like an idiot because I was like uhhhhhhhh.. I probably should have thought about these kind of questions before going... I haven't done an interview in a while, my last two jobs I was approached and didn't have to go through the typical job process... yeah  I'm that good.... ha! oh well.. I did end up doing an eyebrow wax.. which was something I wasn't expecting to do but I did a simple cleanup on a random girl and she seemed to like it, it was so weird waxing brows having the client sitting up. I am really used to them laying down and working upside down on the brows. Who knows.. they have a few more girls to interview.. and seeing that its probably the only Esthetician job in a 50 mile radius that's hiring in a place that's saturated with Estheticians then well I guess it's anyone's job..

  Well  I did end up going to MAC and while there I picked up the Warm thrillseekers pigment set. Although I must admit the cool collection was quite tempting but then I saw it included the black soul pigment , I already have it and all I could think about was the massive amounts of fall out that is always left behind with that color, honestly the only way to work with it is wet (foiling) and I really don't like working with wet pigments unless I'm doing an eyeliner or I want the color super intense. The warm collections came with some pretty browns, a gold and a really nice green. These aren't colors I normally go for I like my eyeshadow bright and dramatic but I am really trying to build up a neutral collection of shadows. Although.... I don't know if these are what you would call your typical neutral, these pigments are packed with gitter and oomph  :)..... I will make sure to get swatches on here and some eyeshadow looks with this eye kit ASAP. Oh and it came in a super cute little tin, a step up from last years silver and turquoise box. Well my lovlies just wanted to update you, hope you have a lovely night it's time for this girl to hit the sack!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Job Interview and MAC Tartan Collection

 Sorry I haven't posted in a while!  I literally just spent the last week and a half in complete lazy mode although I did find the time  to organize my closet between naps.  Oh, I have good news!  I got a call back from Ulta  for Brow Bar Esthetician for Benefit Cosmetics. Yay! I interview tomorrow so everyone please cross your fingers for me! Strangely enough I am not very nervous for the interview, I just think this job would be a really great fit for me. I really hope I get it! Can anyone say 25% discount? ha ha.

Well after the Interview tomorrow I will be heading over to MAC to pick up something from their Tartan Holiday Collection I am thinking one of the  Eye kits, I haven't made up my mind completely  but I am torn between the Warm Collection and the Smokey Collection although I am leaning towards the warm. Hmmmmm you will just have to wait to see what I pick. I will be doing a review on this collection so stay tuned!

Warm Collection
Smokey Collection

                  Well my lovelies I will updating you soon, hopefully with good news! Have a beautiful night!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Protector Review

A few weeks ago  while picking up a box of hair dye at Walgreen's I came across this product by Garnier Fructis called Blow dry protector. It promised less frizz and faster styling times. But also said wait two weeks before or after dying hair. So I made a mental note to pick some up in a couple of weeks after I dye my hair. Well apparently my brain lost this note because I forgot about it until the other day while browsing the shelves in Walmart. So I picked up a box .
Paid around 11.00

When I got home I decided to look this up and read a few reviews ( I know, reading reviews AFTER I have already bought the item?!?) Well much to my dismay there were a ton of Bad reviews for this. The main ones being damage to ends, extreme dryness, color fading, and a bad odor.... GREAT! ha. Well I then saw a  few good reviews, some girls even comparing it to getting a Brazilian blow out. It was also an Allure beauty award winner. So I had mixed emotions before trying this out but decided to come to my own conclusions.
First I followed directions to the "T". I washed my hair and then added the first serum, I combed it through my hair to make sure it was completely saturated.  This serum is suppose to sit in your hair for 20 mins focusing on the ends and the middle. Then I rinsed this completely out and added the second serum. This serum you leave in. The last step is blow drying your hair straight, as the last serum is activated by heat. Note my hair is pretty long, curly and dry. The Verdict.....Well,  my hair didn't fall out nor did I notice any new breakage. My color is also still in tact.  After applying the first serum the odor was quite bad kinda like  a mix of hair dye and nail polish remover but nothing that a girl can't handle.    As far as dryness is concerned, I didn't notice, but as stated before my hair is already dry. I  have noticed alot less frizz. My hair also takes about 50% less time to dry. So that's a good thing! Did this product make my hair straight. No. Is is suppose to? No. Do they make it seems as the product will do this? Yes. Will I buy this product again. No.     Eleven bucks for seven washes just doesn't seem worth it too me. Invest in a a good frizz protector and shine serum, it will do the same thing. I recommend It's a 10 miracle leave in treatment, good stuff.

Anyways hope this review was a help to you all.  If you do end up trying this I wouldn't recommend using the full amount of product if you have short or medium length hair, don't use on blonde or bleached hair (blondes seemed to have the most problems with color stripping). Also don't use on real damaged hair ( duhhhh Kendra )

Thanks for reading my lovlies



Friday, October 29, 2010

La La La I lost my job :(

Well this week has kinda been a doozie (is that how you spell it?!?) anyways the spa I was working for closed down without much warning. Was told Monday closed Wednesday. Yeah. Sooooo guess it's time to go job hunting again.. blahhhhhh! Well atleast I will have more time to work on my eyeshadows and have more time to get some quality blogs up. I recently have been working on a blog for my very good friend Debra Jo Fondren and would love you guys to check her page out  Click here to view Debra's official Blog . Other than that I have been keeping myself busy with makeup tutorials on youtube and still trying to figure out what I am going to do for Halloween and figure out WHAT I am going to be for Halloween! I had it narrowed down to geisha or the little girl on the exorcist but I saw this FANTASTIC tutorial on youtube  for a zombie pinup and became completely inspired. I will link the video if I can find it again. Anyways just thought I would give you a little update on whats going on and what not. Hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ulta, Old navy and Flea Market shopping oh my!

If  you didn't already know. I love me some shopping and I love me some deals!  These are a few things I picked up in the last week..

Well I  went to a big flea market this past weekend and although I wanted everything I saw but I restrained myself and only picked up a couple of things.  I have always wanted one of those spoon handle necklaces and I found one for 10.00 but you know me...  after wheeling and dealing  I got it for 8.00! Never be afraid to ask a seller if they will take less for their item. The worst thing they can do is say no!


 If your my friend on facebook you have probably seen my purple bunny ear muffs already, I picked these up for 2.00. I thought they were just too cute. I can't quit wearing them!   I turn up the air conditoner everytime I come home from work so I can put them on. I can't wait for winter. Although with this southeast texas heat I don't know when thats ever going to happen!

Get your own pair, people!
Ok well this past Monday I scooted on over to the new Ulta  they just opened up here. Although they didn't have what I was looking for... I am dying for the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, which if your looking, this item won't be available again until 2011!  I did find some other goodies. I picked up a pretty cream lipstick by NYX in the color black cherry. This is a great shade of red! Right now at Ulta if you purchase any NYX products you get a second item for 1/2 off. This lipstick was 3.99 by itself.  By the way if you haven't heard of NYX, its really a fantastic makeup company. Great Products with high color payoff with prices that everyone can afford. Wow.. I sound like a commercial!

You know I had to get another NYX product to get my 50% off! So I picked up another eyebrow powder set. This set is suppose to for blondes but the last kit I picked up that was suppose to be for brunettes is a tad to dark, so now I am just kinda mixing the two and it seems to working out for an exact match. I like the new kits because they also add an eyebrow wax to keep those pesky stray eyebrow hairs at bay. This product was 4.99

 I also picked up a jumbo eye pencil from NYX in the color black bean. I love love love these super creamy pencils! I like using this pencil as a base for dark shadows great for a smokey eye that needs some staying power. Although I wouldn't recommend using this as an under eye liner, way too smudgey! I also have this pencil in the color milk and its one of my favorites and has truly become a staple in my makeup kit. They cost around 3.99.

Last but not least I picked up a white shimmer eyeshadow from this company called Essence for a 1.99. Nice staying power and great for highlighting the brow.

So I went to checkout I ended up spending about 13.00 dollars and signed up for their Emails and I got some free gifts! I ended up with an Ulta lotion in Vanilla, thick and creamy and it smells great! I also got an Ulta lipgloss, an ulta eyeshadow and a Kenra hair shine spray!
woooooo hooo!

Last but not least, I felt so great after getting my free loot at ulta I wandered over to Old Navy because I saw a sign that said 40% off clearance. There wasn't too much to choose from but I did pick up a few solid color t's for me to wear to work. A couple of them I only paid .88 cents for!!!! I ended up spending only 7.00 for 4 shirts!

Shirts for .88? Awesome!

Well I must give myself a pat on the back I got 4 work shirts, alot of makeup, a piece of jewelry, and the cutest earmuffs ever all for around 30.00!
And ya just CAN'T beat that!
Happy Shopping my Lovlies!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mrs. Pinhead Makeup Tutorial

The nails were the hardest thing I suppose. I really thought it was going to be easy... yeah right!  After trying several different ways I found pulling a nail through a papertowel and using that as a base to dip in liquid latex was the easiest thing to do and held up quite well. Although it gave the look a messier appearance than I hoped for.


Now just dip in liquid latex and apply to face

Although the sensation of all the nails glued to my face was kinda bizarre this look was alot of fun to do!
Big Hugs and Kisses
Mrs. Pinhead

Quick and Easy No fuss Pin-up Makeup for Halloween

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy Halloween Dead doll Makeup Look using Liquid Latex and Nails!

When I went to do this look my first intentions were I wanted to use string to stitch up the mouth BUT much to my dismay any thread that I had laying around here previously had magically vanished.  So I reached for the nails and I think the effect looks really cool! This was a super easy Halloween looks that will only take about 30 mins to do!
                                                        Have fun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi everyone :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days I have been feeling kinda under the weather. But I was semi-productive this weekend. I have  perfected 5 of my eyeshadows and have named them AND printed Labels! yay.

Still working on some more I want them perfect before placing them for sale.
Also will be doing some giveaways via. my facebook in the next few weeks, if you would like to "friend" me there you can find me by typing in Kendra Cagle Verzwyvelt... ( I know its a mouthful huh?)  When I do start doing these giveawyas all I ask is for your honest opinion and for a shoutout via your social network of choice.  Anyways thats what I have been up to. Hope to make a couple more Halloween tutorials on youtube by the end of the week. I am thinking about doing a Mummy and a Batqueen?!?!?  We'll see.. ha
Love you guys