Saturday, December 10, 2011

Benefit Yes They're Real Mascara Review and comparison to Covergirl LashBlast

So I don't normally buy Mascara that is over 20.00. If you have ever seen some me using MAC zoom or Smashbox in some of my reviews or tutorials on YouTube I can assure you they came in a set included. I am also really in Love CoverGirl lash blast it's kinda my holy grail of Mascara. I can't say enough good things about it! But for Christmas I decided to treat myself and try out Benefit's newest mascara. I got it on sale at Ulta for 18.00 I think normally its around 22.00-25.00. The packaging is really nice and the tube is quite large looking.
The first thing I noticed was the staggered wand. It looked pretty familiar.. Almost just like my lash blash except Lash Blast's wand is fatter and shorter. So seeing that Benefit's new Yes they're Real Mascara  had this  same kind of wand, they automatically got  brownie points from me. I love these staggered wands because I feel like they pick up every little lash.

Left: Benefit Right: Cover Girl Lash Blast

Right away after applying the first coat I decided I liked Benefits wand even more because it was longer and easier to work with in my opinion. I didn't curl or comb thru my lashes beforehand but this is what 2 coats looked like compared to  my right side that has nothing applied.

It was a teenie weenie tad bit clumpy but nothing an eyelash comb couldn't fix in a jiffy. I was really impressed with how black this mascara was. The pigmentation is awesome! I would compare it to the black from Loreal Voluminous (my second favorite mascara)It also really lengthened . I put my glasses back on after taking this photo and my lashes were hitting the glass! I don't think it necessarily looks like false lashes but I am sure if you played around with a couple more coats they would. I do suggest if you go out and buy this make sure you have some good eye makeup remover available because it doesn't come off easily. So I would absolutely recommend this mascara if you have the extra cash laying around. I probably wont be repurchasing it anytime soon unless it goes down in price but I will tell you its just as good if not a little bit better than covergirl's lash blast. I can't believe I said that (sorry lash blast but it's true!) I was really impressed and had to share!