Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunblock? Yes Please!

For all you sun and tanning bed worshipping mamcitas out there I thought I would share a few pictures with you of folks who didn't bother with sunscreen and went straight for the baby oil.  I beg you put on your sunblock this summer and anytime your outside even when its cloudy, the clouds only block out the heat you feel on your skin not the rays. You don't want to look 50 when your 30 years old and most importantly you don't won't end up with Skin Cancer. My husband developed Melanoma 2 years ago and we were very lucky to catch it early. As soon as the dermatologist called and said it was Malignant melanoma she called MD Anderson in Houston and we were there 2 days later. He had a tumor right behind his ear that needed to be removed immediately as it was close to his brain and his lymph nodes his mole only popped up 2 weeks before.. You don't think it can happen to you but it can and I love you guys and gals and I want you to stay healthy and beautiful as long as possible! xo
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Don't get me wrong I love leather when it comes to bags and shoes but this is just a little too much...

Ultra Tan Guy I don't even know what to say....

Kim Kardashian Tan Ouchie Kim

skin cancer face  This is what Basal Cell Carcinoma looks like..

  See the damaging effects? This man is suffering from extreme Hyperpigmentation. The sunburns we get when are young effect us when we are older the most!

Just because your skins looks ok to the naked eye that doesn't mean the damage isn't already done. Try looking at your face under a blacklight and see whats there or go to your local Esthetician and let her do a skin scan on you. You might just be surprised.

So Please where your sunscreen or sunblock so you wont end up looking like this. :) Ok? Ok.
And what if the damage is already done? Well its done..  but you can start taking care of your skin now by always moisturizing and applying something with an SPF in it. Wear big hats in the sun, wear coverups while you aren't swimming and always check out any suspicious moles that might arise especially ones that are dark and irregularly shaped, get to the Dermatologist immediately because skin cancer can come on fast and can be deadly.