Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update and Reviews for Kendi Bamboo Oil, Dermasilk 90 sec eyelift, and NXY smokey look kit

Well I was talking about my blog today and it hit me.. I haven't blogged in a LONG time! Lots have been going on. First and Foremost my husband is in Remission from his Cancer.. Awesome right? Secondly I FINALLY got my Esthetician License transferred over and have opened shop at a cute little salon in Natchitoches,la inside All Tangled Up on Front Street. Wanna see a pic? Well you have no choice. :D

Cute right?  Now I am just trying to build up a clientele but I think things are going to work out nicely. So those are the main reasons you haven't seen me around lately. I am still working on my Simply Kendra line and hope to create some new things when I have the time. In other news I finally cancelled Birchbox. The products are just getting worse and worse, I totally don't think its worth it anymore. Any thoughts? Ok onto some reviews! There are a few things I have tried recently and  I think they are absolutely worth recommending.

 Dermasilk 90 sec eyelift...So I have to admit I opened this up in the store and tried it right out of the box. I didn't want to invest in the 30.00 if it didn't work and all I had to do was wait 90 secs right? Its not my fault they don't put a tester out! Luckily for them I thought it worked Amazing well so I bought it. You can REALLY feel it tightening up under your eyes and I absolutely give it 2 thumbs up. One quick tip don't apply too much I think one pump is good for both eyes. Possibly one more if you need alot of help in that area but for this 30 something one was good enough.

Next on the list for stuff I have really fallen in love with Kendi Bamboo Oil from Alterna for hair.  It says on the directions to apply to damp hair but I use it like a thermal protector on dry hair and it works great. Its not too heavy and I think it smells great! I have SUPER frizzy hair and this is a little bottle of miracle. I usually use shine serums but I really believe this stuff is far superior. Its about 24.00 a bottle and you don't need alot at all. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted me a full year. I really need to try some more things from this line If you look back on previous blots I did a previous review for the  Alterna Caviar 3 minute shine boost and I can't say enough about it. I am excited to learn what else they have.

Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil

Last but not least I want to mention the smokey look kit from NYX cosmetics. I have had this for a while and you know I love my Simply Kendra But while my husband was in and out of the hospital in recent months we were doing  lots and lots of traveling back and fourth to Houston. So not wanting to pack a million products I threw this palette, some lipstick and a few other basics in a makeup bag and was good to go. It was just great for travel and the colors were super versatile and long lasting. The compact is small and light with a mirror and includes two lipgloss. Just perfect.

Well dollfaces that's the news and i promise not to let you hang for so long next time! Hope you enjoyed the reviews let me know your thoughts and opinions.
Hugs and Kisses