Monday, February 21, 2011

My looks using Simply Kendra!

My Personal Quick Beauty Fixes

Okie dokie here are a few things I do when I am in a pinch

Stray Brows : I swear I have cowlicks in my eyebrows sometimes quick fix... Vaseline! Works like a charm everytime to smooth things out

Bags under your Eyes: Cold spoons!! I always keep two in my freezer for morning when my eyes think their going on vacation.

Frizzy hair- I have really curly hair and if I am out of a frizz serum I will use just a dab of lotion or conditioner mixed with water and run it through my hair dry, works everytime!!

 Eye Makeup remover-   Take a cottonball and pour a little olive oil on it! Works great in a pinch. (If wearing contacts, REMOVE them first! I learned the hard way!!!)

Deodorant-  Baby Powder! Or cornstarch with a little fragranced oil added to give it a nice scent!

Pimples- I swear by a cutting small piece of tomato and rubbing it on your pimple let it dry over night. The acids in tomato will dry it out!  Also you can crush up an asprin and mix it with a little water to make a paste  leave on for 20 mins. The salicylic acid from the asprin will reduce inflamation and also dry it out!

Out of toner- Witch Hazel works great although I can't stand the smell of the stuff!!!

Out of Foundation: Take your favorite moisturizer and mix in a little bit of your favorite colored powder  makes a great light foundation or I guess you could say a tinted moisturizer.. ALSO if you think your jar of foundation is empty add a dab of makeup remover you should be able to get a few more uses out of it!!!

Well ladies these are a few of my quick fixes!  What are yours? I would love to hear them!!!


p.s. I will be doing my beauty survival series on youtube soon I have been in the process of moving and once settled in I will sit down and make them!! xoxo

Friday, February 11, 2011

For all you Waxing Queens : My Favorite hard and soft Waxes For the body and the face

Hey Ladies!!!

So For all you starting our in the beauty industry or for u  Amateur Waxing Mama's I wanted to suggest some of my favorite Waxes.  When I first started out I just didn't know what to use , in school we used Gigi and honestly I just wasn't a fan, so after much trial and error I found several waxes that now have permanent homes in my Esthetician Room * Note I do live in a  Humid Climate and these waxes work really well here

Waxes for Facial Hair:
Hard Wax : Hands down Cirepril Rose Wax
Image 1
Strip Wax: I love the Satin Smooth Cream Wax
Satin Smooth Wax Deluxe Cream 14 oz. Jar

Body Waxing :  Berrins Ease Soft wax.. Love it!
Berins Ease Tin 14oz

On the Cheap: Satin Smooth Cream Wax

Satin Smooth Wax Deluxe Cream 14 oz. Jar

Brazillian Waxing:

Hard Wax: Cirepril Blue ( I also use this for nose waxing!)
Image 1

Soft Wax:  Epillyss Millenia , this one of my most favorite waxes! It acts like a hard wax yet is a soft strip wax and is FANTASTIC on coarse hair including Brazillians and Mens Waxing (backs, chests.. ect)

Millenia Lukewarm Wax 20oz.

Well my loves , I just wanted to make a few sugestions!

Happy Waxing!



Shopping HAUL!!! Ulta * Bath and Body Works* Hobby Lobby * Ross

Fun Yellow and Turquoise Eyelook Tutorial

Monday, February 7, 2011

Homemade Makeup and the end of the World!

So I  am married to a man that has the end of the world and prepardness on his mind alot. If you look in my pantry at home you WILL see lots of excess can goods, bags of rice.. beans.. and what not. One day while he was going on and on about supplies we needed on hand incase the shit hit the roof, I started imagining what the world REALLY would be like if we couldn't just go get groceries at the local Market or we couldn't just grab a bottle of asprin at the drugstore if we had a headache... What if in this Apocolyptic setting we had no choice but to live off the land, grow our own food , and make use of what we already had and owned. Then the sickest thought of all popped in my head. No makeup... *gasp* No sephora.. No online shopping for the latest color palette from urban decay (even though you own 20 similar colors ) No more nothing.. Whats a girl to do? What CAN a girl do? Even if it's the end of the Earth I still wanna look good when I step out of my house, even if is just to harvest from the garden and strain rain water.. Am I right? LMAO... Thus,  the Beauty Survivalist is Born.  In the upcoming weeks I hope to do a series on  Youtube on how to make beauty products from stuff in and around the home. So when the shit DOES hit the roof, you WILL be prepared. ;)

Here is an easy little remedy for a lip gloss or stain for you when that last lip gloss of yours finally runs out!

Easy fix! Berries!!

Blackberries and Dew Berries make great stains! I have an abundance of of dew berries that grow around my house and after picking them my hands are always stained with a berry purple color. So bite one in 1/2 and rub the rest on your lips, you will have a stain that should last all day!

Take a berry and mash it up good add a little vaseline mix it up, transfer it to a little makeup pot, bam! you have lipgloss!

I have lots more recipies and ideas that I will be putting in my videos and on here  with item such as beets, castor oil, corks... you'll just have to tune in for the Beauty Survivalist!



Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ladies you know I love my NYX jumbo pencils! I had some questions about sharpening them as we all know it is rather difficult sometimes if you don't have a large enough sharpener, so why not depot them! My youtube friend PhasionQueen27 has a lovely tutorial on how to do just this! Yay!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Half Friendly Half Fiendish clown Contest Entry for KatmandewFBA

Eyeshadow giveaway! CLOSED Congrats Ebony Miller!

Hi my beauties! Just wanted to let you girls know I have an eyeshadow giveaway going on at Facebook, It ends Wednesday Feb 8th 2011 ! Go check out my page for details!


Winner was chosen! Ebony Miller Congratulations~!!
Not to fret everyone I will have another giveaway when I hit 200 fans!