Thursday, May 19, 2011

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Penetrating Hair Oil Review

Well it seems everywhere you turn recently Argan Oil is the product of the moment. So I asked myself what the heck is Argan Oil and Where does it come from? So I did a  little investigating and learned some interesting facts I would like to share with you. Argan Oil comes from the Kernels of  the Argan Tree which mainly thrives in  Morocco. Predominately found in the desert, the Argan tree's oil is said to have anti aging qualities and is used in a number of skin care creams and beauty products but is mainly bottled as Oil for Food. It also has been said that this tree has been around since the Tertiary Period which was roughly 1.6 million years ago! The Argan Tree also lives as long as 200 years... Wow.  Ok so now that you and I have both learned some new and fascinating facts I will tell you my latest thoughts on Oranix's Argan Oil line. BTW I have dry thick curly hair and my opinions are based on my hair type.

Lets start with the Shampoo:
First and Foremost let me tell you that this Shampoo does not lather up alot, which is a GOOD thing. It is sulfate free so that means it does not have a bunch of detergents like Laural Sulfate  that actually strips the life out of your tresses. You want a sulfate free shampoo especially if  you dye your hair alot and of course most of the time your hairdresser is not going to tell you this because well quite frankly they need you to come back sooner than later for a root touch-up.  Now besides this factor, did I think this shampoo was all this and a bag of chips? Not really. The fragrance is very light and it didn't leave my hair feeling as smooth as I hoped it would, it makes me wonder the actual percentage of Argan Oil they actually put it this shampoo. I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It comes in  a rather small bottle at just 13 oz and retails for around 7.00.

Now on to the Conditioner:

  Well I thought the conditioner would be a little bit better than the shampoo and I was right.. to an extent. It was VERY thick so I was happy about that because these dry curly tresses need a good heavy conditioner. I left this in about 3 minutes before rinsing and I must say for the consistency it didn't leave my hair as soft as I though it would not to say that my hair wasn't soft I just didn't notice a difference in this from other conditioners in this price range I have tried.  This also makes me think back to the  shampoo and wonder actually how much argan oil this contains.. hmmm But nonetheless I give this conditioner a 3.0 out of 5 stars. It also comes in a 13 oz bottle and was priced at                                                      around 7.00

Now for the Penetrating Hair Oil:

Well was I pleased? Yes indeed. The smell was light and it left my hair feeling smooth and hydrated. This was actually the only thing I was going to pick up to begin with and then read on the back it works best with the shampoo and conditioner ( I am such a sucker) but I was pleasantly surprised and am happy that I picked this up. Now does this work better than than your more expensive brands such as the original Moroccan Oil ?
No it didn't. But seeing the Original costs 30.00 for 3.4oz's and the Organix's version costs 6.50 for 3.3 oz's I really didn't expect it to.  But I give this product 3.5 out of 5.00  and its quite possible I will repurchase this again in the future.

Bonus Review: One 'n Only Argan Oil Curl Cream

Now I recieved a free sample of this from Sally's last week and was excited to try it the full size is 10.00 for a 10 oz bottle. I used it yesterday instead of the Organix's oil after I got out of the shower. First thing I noticed was the smell.  Not horrible but not a clean smell.. it smells kinda like a musky perfume. But I applied a few pumps anyway. Its extremely thick and I only needed just a little. I noticed right away it was very greasy and then decided to look at the ingredients (shame on me for not looking at them first) Well this product contains Mineral Oil and Petroleum which in my opinion aren't exactly things I want to see in my hair products.. After letting my hair dry I noticed no results such as shine or curl definition. The only thing I am left with is my normally frizzy/curly hair that now smells like perfume I would never wear. Would I buy this. You guessed it, no I would not. Nor do I give it a good score. I would only give it 1 out of 5 and thats mainly because it was Free :D

Now I hope you enjoyed reading my argan oil reviews and if you follow my blog regularly and read my blog from a couple of days ago about this weeks favorites, i am happy to announce I picked up the full size of the Cavier hair treatment and I also picked up a Fekkai Glossing Cream. Now get this.. I ordered these from Ulta and the the Glossing Cream in the full size is is 4 oz and is 25.00 but the travel size in 2 oz is 9.00...You do the math. Needless to say I picked up the travel size. Oh and right now Ulta is having their spend 25.00 and get 15 samples free sale!



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Products of the Week Caviar Shine Boost and Mr.Pumi Bar

Recently I was able to Sample Caviar Shine Boost. Its a glossing treatment that supposedly keeps your locks shiny and vibrant for a week. I received just enough for one treatment in a recent sample sent out by Ulta and I must say.. me likey.  Not only has my hair been healthy and shiny looking for the last 3 days it feels great! I have noticed lots less frizz and I do believe I am in love. The full size bottle is 25.00 but as you only use it once a week and you don't need alot( I have ALOT of hair almost past the middle of back and it didn't take alot to work its magic) so I bet the bottle will last months! I am super pleased and will be purchasing the full size soon!

Product Description from Ulta
Caviar Shine Boost adds silky shine and recharges haircolor in 3 minutes. It prolongs color vibrancy and reflects light to reveal a luminous, radiant glow. Lightweight formula that is never heavy and gives salon worth shine without chemical damage to the hair. Solves the challenge of maintaining salon glossiness between color services.

Shampoo & condition hair. Squeeze out excess water. Apply Shine Boost to wet hair from root to tip. Leave on 3 minutes (or up to 5) and rinse off. For best results use 1 to 2 times per week.

Next I just so happened to be in Sallys Beauty and I was just picking up a couple of things and while checking out I noticed a display for a Mr. Pumi Pumice Bar. Seeing it was under 2.00 and that sandal season is upon us I decided it was something that I needed. So I picked it up in pink and went on my merry way. That night I decided to take a bath and brought Mr. Pumi with me. (only if my husband knew!) ha.  Not only did this pumice bar smooth my feet perfectly but it took less than minute to feel like my feet had just come from a 40.00 pedicure. I looove this thing! Forget all those dangerous sharp tool basically meant to "shave" the bottom of your feet. Get a Mr.Pumi bar! I give it 5 stars allll the way up!

Anyways I just wanted to share a couple of products with you that I think are worth trying out!

Allll my love! xoxo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey Everyone :D Life and Stuff

So I feel so Ashamed I haven't been blogging like I should but I have been super busy! This past weekend I attended the Makers Fair I have a vid uploaded here if you wanna check out the details. I had such an awesome time and had so much fun catching up with my friends Mandi and Connie who helped me out alot. I have been doing lots of shopping and recently found out about this  online store called 599fashion which everything is only 5.99 yayyyy! I ended up getting some cute things from them and encourage you to check it out!  i just can't pass up anything Cheap. I seriously love a good deal and they have plenty!
In other news I think I am in love with this fragrance called Lolita Lempicka

I received a sample size bottle of it from ulta and needless to say it was gone by the next morning. I think I am going to have to fork out some cash and get a bottle. I loooooovvvvve it!

I also have really been feeling like I am in a funk. I need to do something  drastic like chop off all my hair and dye it green or something. Does anyone else ever feel that way? LOL  I don't know what i am going to do but I gotta do something! I actually need tolose some weight everytime I watch one of my youtube videos here lately I swear I cringe.. ACK!   Ok enough about weight I don't feel like getting depressed. In other news I have been on a Giveaway spreeeeee on facebook! I really started off doing most of my promoting of simply kendra on youtube but really like how I feel I can connect more with everyone on Facebook.  Just in the past month I have gained almost 300 fans and it has been so Awesome getting to know everyone! I have two giveaways that end tomorrow 5/5/2011 at 9:00cst and will be holding a 500 fans giveaway after I announce the winners from the 300 and 400 fans contest... I feel like I need to make this one extra special. So I think I have something in mind, we shall see!

In my non Simply Kendra online life I have recently adopted a new cat and have gained a new puppy. So as usual its always a zoo here at my house. I think until I actually have a real human child, I will just keep adopting furry children.  I really would like to one day  make something in my line of cosmetics that some or all of the proceeds go to an Animal Organization. Hopefully I will get to the point in my business soon that i will be able to make donations and give  back, its something that I just feel like I need to do.

Anyways I guess I am just rambling now :)

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day



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