Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting ready for the Makers Fair! Making eyeshadow and Lip balm

Well today I decided it was time to start preparing for the Makers Fair in Shreveport at the end of the month Since I have to premake jars I decided I needed to make some bigger batches of eyeshadow, I figured about 1/4 cup each, on my website I say I make up small batches and well when I mean small batches I mean SMALL I normally only keep enough eyeshadow on hand to fill a 3-4 jars and I keep  it in bags, but now that my business has picked up I really needed to do this anyway. That and I am not going to have to constantly make up a little batch 2-3 times a week.

Guess what color this is?


What about this glittery concoction?

Princess Fluffybutt!

I finished about 18 jars today all my greens purples and pinks!

If you notice on the second stack 3rd jar down I have a new color named Krista(named for my sweet green eyed sister who just so happens to also be a St, Patricks day baby) I hope by the end of the month to have this released on my website http://www.simplykendra.com/

Take a closer look

How pretty is that? Worn on the eye it's a pretty jade/jewel green. Gotta love Green which if no one has noticed is my absolute favorite color!

Next I started making lip balms! So far I have tootie (sugared strawberry) Toasted (Marshmallow) and Date Night (sweet popcorn)  Here are some pics of me making Date Night

Getting my Ingredients ready my soy wax, shea, cocoa, and olive oil

Fresh off the stove nice and melted!

Adding a little Mica for a yellow tint

Freshly poured in tins

I can't even tell you how yummy my kitchen  smelled! :)

Here is a sneak peak of  a picture for Tootie I took today for my website.

Well my loves I just thought I would show you what I was up to today! Oh and this is my 100th post!!!!  Yay me!

Thank you all for your support and love I appreciate you so much!



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Testing New Foundation for Spring Maybelline FIT and Loreal True Match Review

So in the last couple of weeks I have noticed everytime I put on my foundation it literally looks like a white mask! When did I get some sun? I have no idea, but regardless I hit the drugstore and decided to check out some new ones. Well I ended up coming home with 2 bottles in which I have never tried either
Loreal True Match and  Maybeline FIT

The Following is from the Maybeline Site

Product Details Maybeline FIT

Why You'll Love It

It's makeup that fits you.
  • No oils, no waxes, no nonsense
  • Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural  
  • Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through
  • Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested

For Best Results

Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.

My verdict:
 well first off I actually bought this in the shade 130  Buff Beige, I can't believe I have something that doesn't say Light/Ivory/porcelain ha ha.. The color I would say is in ALMOST match to my skin I probably could have went with one shade down but nonetheless It's pretty close. I like that has a light spf and the fragrance isn't bad. It's a perfect consistency, not too watery, not too thick. I found this to be very blendable  and it layers on nicely. The finish is dewy which will be nice for spring looks.  The cons: I feel this foundation is best for us girls with dry skin and I have a sneaking suspision if you have oily skin this isn't going to stay on more than a couple of hours without a touch up.  Also if you need to some major coverage I would steer clear of this and go with a thicker foundation like Maybeline Dream Mousse.
I paid around 7.00 bucks for this product and would give it about 3.8 out 5

Loreal True Match:

Information from Product Page:
With patented color technology, this makeup precisely matches your skin's tone and texture. Formulated with Precise Match Technology, so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Micro-fine optical pearls diffuse skin's imperfections while moisturizing glycerin, vitamin B and vitamin E nourish your skin. Ultra-pure formula contains no fragrances or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin.
  • With vitamins A & C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract
  • Keeps your skin nourished, protected and healthy
  • Oil-free, all day wear for all skin types
  • Clean, true shade with a natural finish
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic
  • Dermatologist tested

My Verdict:
 Well I also bought this in Beige, W3 Nude beige to be exact. What I did like about this initially is the color its Almost a match but not perfect I actually think I could have went up a shade on this one, they really should have just called it nude. First off I have to say I don't like the scent it reminds me of playdough for some odd reason. It also is VERY thin. Too thin in my opinion.  I didn't find it all good for covering any redness but then again I didn't put on more than two layers so it might, I will test it further in the next couple of weeks. One good thing I can say it is super blendable and the shade selection is outta control huge so I am sure their is a perfect shade in the mix for any and all skin tones.

I paid around 10 dollars for this product
I would give this a 3 out of 5

The best news is I tried mixing the two together and the shade is perfection! Yay! Have any of you used either of these products? What are your opinons?
So I hoped you found this blog atleast halfway informative and in the meantime Happy Foundation Shopping!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway and Stuff

Hi my lovlies well incase your not a fan on facebook become one today because I am having a Giveaway to celebrate 200 fans! Yay!

So check it out!

In other news  I recieved all my lip balm goodies yesterday! I cant even explain to you the the out of this world flavorings I ordered. Popcorn is the BEST! Its sweet and buttery and yum yum yum yummmmm!!!  I am still debating whether or not to use the stevia sweetner or not. I am leaning towards yes but I think I don't want them TOO sweet, just because I don't want everyone to be licking their balm off all day! Oh one more thing about the glosses they are SPF 15! So in the meantime I am experimenting in my kitchen but I must admit I have been getting headaches with all these super concentrated flavorings its a tad overwhelming but I want them perfect (I think I'll make it lol) so I shall carry on ;)

Oh and I am  wanting to make a eyeshadow stack for Summer I have already had hot pink suggested as one of the colors, what other 2 colors would you like to see?  Maybe a jewel green and a  bright yellow? huh huh huh? :)

Well my lovelies I need to get off of here and go make some jars.  I am making a few a day to get ready for the Makers Fair, so I won't be overwhelmed with it.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Rave: Simply Kendra (Cruelty Free Mineral Makeup)

Texas Avenue Makers Fair, Makeup, and Life

Hey Everyone

so it feels like forever since I have actually blogged and not just posted a youtube link on here. So I thought I would catch everyone up on whats going on with me.  Well first and foremost I would like to invite everyone to the Texas Avenue Makers Fair in Down Shreveport http://make.texasave.org/
I will be having a booth for my cosmetics there and am super duper excited this will be my first time selling Simply Kendra outside of the Internet, it took a little encouraging from my sweet friend Mandi http://waiteswaiting.blogspot.com but I am ready to get my brand out there!

I am also excited about my new and upcoming Lip balms!  I am proud to say they will be completely Vegan. After doing alot of research on waxes I made the decision that beeswax was definitely not the direction I wanted to take so the wax in my base is going to be soy, yay to not Exploiting the bees!  All my eye shadows are also Vegan!  The only exception to my line are my blushes which contain silk powder and although it is only a small percentage of my blend I just couldn't get the texture I wanted without it although it uses all natural ingredients it is not considered Vegan, but hopefully in the future I can find an alternative means to make my Vegan customers happy.

In other news I am back home living in Louisiana and I just couldn't be happier. My husband just landed a new job and I have become comfortable with my role as housewife/online entrepreneur :) 

Beyond my business life I plan to plant a garden very soon and am attending a seminar on food preservation this Friday so I can get a heads up on different ways of storage for all the wonderful veggies and herbs that I plan on harvesting this summer, I also hope to learn to make jellies, chowchows, relishes and all those wonderful yummie things that I will be able to can.  Did you know that once you can stuff it will last 7 years? wowie zowie! It always good to be prepared!

Anyways that's whats been going on my loves, I hope this finds you all well and that you have a Fabulous Week!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simply Silk, Just Because Blush is Here!!!

So.... I am so excited I just finished making my first 4 blushes!!!  They are all silk based and I just love love love all of them, I feel like a proud mama. HA!

So go Check them out right now!