Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway and Stuff

Hi my lovlies well incase your not a fan on facebook become one today because I am having a Giveaway to celebrate 200 fans! Yay!

So check it out!

In other news  I recieved all my lip balm goodies yesterday! I cant even explain to you the the out of this world flavorings I ordered. Popcorn is the BEST! Its sweet and buttery and yum yum yum yummmmm!!!  I am still debating whether or not to use the stevia sweetner or not. I am leaning towards yes but I think I don't want them TOO sweet, just because I don't want everyone to be licking their balm off all day! Oh one more thing about the glosses they are SPF 15! So in the meantime I am experimenting in my kitchen but I must admit I have been getting headaches with all these super concentrated flavorings its a tad overwhelming but I want them perfect (I think I'll make it lol) so I shall carry on ;)

Oh and I am  wanting to make a eyeshadow stack for Summer I have already had hot pink suggested as one of the colors, what other 2 colors would you like to see?  Maybe a jewel green and a  bright yellow? huh huh huh? :)

Well my lovelies I need to get off of here and go make some jars.  I am making a few a day to get ready for the Makers Fair, so I won't be overwhelmed with it.




Stefy said...

I am stacking on lipsticks! I bought some red coral and purple ones for the summer! I still need to find a good orangy one!
♥ Congratz on the fans!

Simply Kendra said...

You know the only only orange shade I own is in a lip gloss palette from Avon otherwise I normally steer clear of oranges with my complexion,let me know if you find a good one!