Sunday, March 27, 2011

Testing New Foundation for Spring Maybelline FIT and Loreal True Match Review

So in the last couple of weeks I have noticed everytime I put on my foundation it literally looks like a white mask! When did I get some sun? I have no idea, but regardless I hit the drugstore and decided to check out some new ones. Well I ended up coming home with 2 bottles in which I have never tried either
Loreal True Match and  Maybeline FIT

The Following is from the Maybeline Site

Product Details Maybeline FIT

Why You'll Love It

It's makeup that fits you.
  • No oils, no waxes, no nonsense
  • Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural  
  • Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through
  • Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested

For Best Results

Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.

My verdict:
 well first off I actually bought this in the shade 130  Buff Beige, I can't believe I have something that doesn't say Light/Ivory/porcelain ha ha.. The color I would say is in ALMOST match to my skin I probably could have went with one shade down but nonetheless It's pretty close. I like that has a light spf and the fragrance isn't bad. It's a perfect consistency, not too watery, not too thick. I found this to be very blendable  and it layers on nicely. The finish is dewy which will be nice for spring looks.  The cons: I feel this foundation is best for us girls with dry skin and I have a sneaking suspision if you have oily skin this isn't going to stay on more than a couple of hours without a touch up.  Also if you need to some major coverage I would steer clear of this and go with a thicker foundation like Maybeline Dream Mousse.
I paid around 7.00 bucks for this product and would give it about 3.8 out 5

Loreal True Match:

Information from Product Page:
With patented color technology, this makeup precisely matches your skin's tone and texture. Formulated with Precise Match Technology, so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Micro-fine optical pearls diffuse skin's imperfections while moisturizing glycerin, vitamin B and vitamin E nourish your skin. Ultra-pure formula contains no fragrances or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin.
  • With vitamins A & C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract
  • Keeps your skin nourished, protected and healthy
  • Oil-free, all day wear for all skin types
  • Clean, true shade with a natural finish
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic
  • Dermatologist tested

My Verdict:
 Well I also bought this in Beige, W3 Nude beige to be exact. What I did like about this initially is the color its Almost a match but not perfect I actually think I could have went up a shade on this one, they really should have just called it nude. First off I have to say I don't like the scent it reminds me of playdough for some odd reason. It also is VERY thin. Too thin in my opinion.  I didn't find it all good for covering any redness but then again I didn't put on more than two layers so it might, I will test it further in the next couple of weeks. One good thing I can say it is super blendable and the shade selection is outta control huge so I am sure their is a perfect shade in the mix for any and all skin tones.

I paid around 10 dollars for this product
I would give this a 3 out of 5

The best news is I tried mixing the two together and the shade is perfection! Yay! Have any of you used either of these products? What are your opinons?
So I hoped you found this blog atleast halfway informative and in the meantime Happy Foundation Shopping!



Mandi said...

I have used that foundation from L'Oreal before and I don't really like it--too thin and not enough coverage for me...and yes, I think it smells funny too. I haven't tried the one from Maybeline but I'm afraid to because I tried their eyeshadows once and I had a bad allergic reaction so I try to stear clear of their line.

I do use a L'Oreal foundation though. I use Visible Lift--Line Minimizing foundation in the shade of Soft Ivory (for my pasty white skin) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I don't use it for the line minimizing part...I mean I look like I'm 12 but I just like the way it feels on my skin.

Simply Kendra said...

Mandi I will have to try that one!