Monday, November 14, 2011

New things up on the website!

Hey guys and gals. Just wanted to put up a little post to let you know I haven't forgotten my blog! I have just been busy with everything and this seems to be my last priority. I have been adding lots of goodies to the website. I added some body glitters and what I call Glitter affixer. Its kinda Awesome! Remember the blog I wrote about how to foil your eyeshadow with water? Well Glitter Affixer is a foiling medium that takes the guess work out of everything. It does have water in it but also contains glycerin which is a humectant that draws in water and keeps your eyeshadow more intact plus I threw in a little Vitamin E to keep your delicate skin around your eyes nourished. I opted to put this in a Lip gloss like container but put it in small eye dropper like bottles to insure sanitary measures. I am super proud of it and at 5.00 a bottles that's going to Last FOREVER its quite a steal!! I have also been working on some lip glosses and will soon be coming out with a finishing powder veil so look out for that soon! In other news my husband is done with his cancer treatments,now we just have to wait until Dec 27th to see if it was all worth it. You can read our story at I can't believe the year is almost gone. Its so crazy! It hasn't been the best year, I am hoping next year it will get better! Well my dears just wanted to share that will all of you. I need to desperately do some reviews for you guys I have lots of goodies that have been building up from birchbox every month that I just haven't gotten around to trying.(birchbox is a monthly beauty sample subscription Love you all!