Saturday, January 29, 2011

I met the nicest girl on Youtube

So I met this lovely girl on youtube named Thechocolateberry through my wonderful youtube friend, Powerfulflamingrose and she does these really cool intros on youtube for the makeup girlies. Anyways she is having a contest when she gets to 1000 subs, which won't be long and I am happily sponsering her with some eyeshadows to give out as prizes, in the meantime she told me she would make me an intro.Yay! I just have to get her some info and what not, so I really never thought about an official intro so just for fun I tried my hand at it and this is what I came up with. But I think I will stick with the idea of her making one for me! BTW subscribe to her so she can get her contest on way and check out some of the cute intros she has done for other girls!
Also Check out Powerfulflamingrose at and don't forget to check out my cosmetic line, Simply Kendra

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mardi Gras Mask using Simply Kendra Eyeshadows

Simply Kendra Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial pt.1 (Colorful eyes)

   Thanks so much to my friend  Jen AKA PowerfulFlamingRose from youtube for her awesome tutorial using my Eyeshadows from
Thank you so much Jen, it means alot to me!  Everyone go check her out on youtube @  She is also my partner in crime for our contest "MY CREEPY VALENTINE" you can also see that on her and mine youtube pages, this contest will be running until Feb 18th!

Eyeshadow Primers from Expensive to the low low

Does your Eyeshadow crease and fade within just a couple of hours of you applying it?  Then you most likely need an eyeshadow primer, if you don't know what that is, then you just found your newest best friend.
Don't blame your Eyeshadow, blame your oily lids, its a common problem and its an easy fix.  Eyeshadow primers create a protective barrier between your lids and your shadow keeping the oil at bay and helping your eyeshadow stay put and often help make your shadow look true to color.
So if your already not on the Eyeshadow Primer bandwagon and you feel clueless I am going to breakdown a few primer favorites, an unconvential method, and even a DIY.

Eyeshadow Primer 101 here we go:

Popular Favorites:

These favorites are here for their cult like following

Urban Decay Primer Potion:  This primer reigns king in the world of primers, although a tad on the expensive side, your going to be out around 20.00 bucks for a small tube. I  highly recommend it, a little goes a long way! Ulta and Sephora will have sample sizes sometimes, so if you like to try before you buy check those store's out for ongoing promotions.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: This primer, another favorite among makeup girlies is priced a little bit cheaper at around 15.00 a tube.  In my opinion Its a good choice for those that have semi oily lids. I don't feel it works as well as Urban Decays Primer potion but nonetheless its not a favorite without reason!

On the low low:

Don't feel like shelling out alot of money for a primer here are a couple low priced options.

ELF Eyeshadow primer:  At about 3 bucks a tube, you just can't beat it, I personally really like and do use this primer from time to time. Although I have never actually used it on a client. It does work great on me, FYI my lids aren't that oily... so that being said I can't tell you how well it works on really oily lids.

NYX jumbo pencils:  I can't say enough about these pencils at 3-4 bucks a pop you can afford to get one in every color.  Dries to a nice matte texture on the lids and comes in a variety of colors. I really like this pencil in the shade "MILK" which is just a nice white, also really  makes whatever shadow your wearing pop!

The Unconventinal:

Monistat Chaffing gel:  Don't be embarssed, lol. This stuff makes a GREAT a primer for the lids and the face. In my own opion it is VERY comparable to smashbox photofinish Primer!  Your lids will stay Matte ALL day long!


1 part foundation
2 parts facial moisturizer

Mix together and apply to eyes!

this is great for girlies that lids aren't super oily.

Other EASY Ideas:
 For very oily lids just use an extra matte foundation on eyelids

Alot of ladies swear by just cream concealer!

So there you go! Just a few ideas on getting your lids Eyeshadow ready!



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Wednesday, January 19, 2011 is HERE!!!!!

Well its a happy day here for me, my website is up and ready to go! Please check it out, I have lots and lots of pretty eyeshadows just waiting for your pretty peepers! Let me know what you think!!!!


Click below!!!
Simply Kendra

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I know I know its been a while...

Sorry I haven't been  blogging as mush as I normally do, I  have just been majorly busy with the eyeshadow. I am down 20 web pages, 20 more to go and I designed and printed 40 styles of lables last night. *sigh* I  is a Tired Gurl...
I can't believe my youtube subs are up to 94!!  Very excited about that, I should have thrown a contest sooner! ha.  Recived my invitation to the Les Nouvelles Skin care show going on in Dallas this March, if you are an Esthetician or Makeup artist this show is Fantastic! Lots of classes and lots of shopping! Yay! I can't wait! I def will be going to the In-depth Bridal Makeup class, I really want to learn more about applying makeup that will be photographed. I did attend the HD makeup class last year but honestly... it kinda sucked. So hopefully this one will be better. Anyhoo just wanted to let you guys know whats been going on with me, I will be back blogging regularly soon! Thanks for reading and all the support.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Creepy Valentine Makeup contest *open* Lots of Prizes!

Ok so a few weeks ago I entered a contest on youtube and I met and became friends with a sweet girl named Jen from Puerto Rico.  She wanted to throw her own contest and asked me to join in so I did! Our theme is My Creepy Valentine so if your interested in joining in on the fun watch the video below! Don't have a camera or making videos not your thing? I am having a comment contest on my Simply Kendra facebook page. For that contest you just need to be subscribed to mine  and Jen's youtube page and be a fan of simplykendra on facebook while you are there just leave a comment about why you love or hate Valentines day.  Prizes for the comment entry are 5 shadows of your choice from simply Kendra and an Elf eyeshadow brush. Winners will be chosen at random and the contest ends the 18th of Feb.  Links to all the pages you need are under the video on this page. For the prizes for the video contest please watch the video below. I hope to see lots of entries! Good Luck to everyone and thanks for dropping by!



PowerfulFlamingRose (Jen) Youtube Channel:

Kendra's Youtube Channel:

Kendra's Facebook page:

Kendra's Eyeshadows:

Kendra's Blog Site:


1.Must be a subscriber to  (PowerfulFlamingRose) and to Kendra (kverzwyvelt).
2. Contest starts today January 9 and ends on February 18.
3.You can enter as many times as you like (all entries with different looks).
4. The look has to be on your face not on a model.
5. The video length has to be between 2 to 5 minutes no more no less. Tutorials are optional.
6. Include at least 5 clear pictures of the finished look.
7. Must include a picture holding a sign with the name of the contest: "My Creepy Valentine Contest", Including Kendra's youtube name, mine and yours as well.
8. New looks!!!!!!
9. No haters or you will be disqualified.
10. There will be 3 winners and a comment winner.
11. The video response has to be on PowerfulFlamingRose contest video, only!
12. The comment response has to be on Kendra's facebook page.
13. The video response is for US and PR entries but the comment response is International!
14. Must be 18 years old or older, under 18 must have consent from your parents or guardian.
15. Keep the editing of the pictures and video to a minimum, if there is no editing the better!
and............. DON'T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simply Kendra Eyeshadow Swatches

I am working hard on my website and will have it up and running by the end of the month if everything goes smoothly. I have never built a website before and couldn't afford to have one made for me so its been trying but it's looking good  and  I can't wait for everyone to see it when I am done!

These 40 shades are what I am starting out with but in the future if you think of a shade that needs to be added to this collection, we will make it happen!  I hope to add blush next and then mineral foundation in the future so stay tuned!

Thank you for all your patience I know you can't wait to grab some of these shadows! :)~


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pics of eyeshadows

Ok so its almost 3 in the morning and I have been editing pictures for hours... I still need to retake some photos but just wanted to show you the majority of colors that will be on the website.  I will adding more neutrals in the future, so stay tuned. Ok big yawn, gotta catch some z's.
Love you guys


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite Beauty Products of 2010

Now that 2010 is gone and done I would give homage to all the wonderful beauty products that helped me make it through :)

These are my favorite products of 2010

We will start with Makeup

Foundation: I honestly couldn't get enough of Maybellines's Dream Matte Mouse the coverage is Fantastic! 

Eyeliner:  As far as potted eyeliners go MAC fluidline will always be winner, for a low cost version I recommend ELF cream liner,  both go on smooth and won't budge after applying!  Fantabulous!

Mascara:  Well this is probably no big surprise to my readers...drumroll please.....  Covergirl Lash Blast... Best Mascara Ever!!!!!!!

Blush:  I can't get enough of of either of these Blushes. Bare Essentials Blush in Giddy Pink  is an awesome shimmering pink and Elf's studio blush and contour set. This blush is compareable to NARS orgasm not quite the same but close a very peachy pink.

Lipstick and gloss:
NYX's lip gloss  in Spongecake reigned queen in my lipgloss drawer while  Mary Kay's bronzed creme lipstick quickly became a favorite lipstick due to its ohhhhh so creamy texture and staying power.

Contour and Highlight:  My favorite contour powder was wet n wild's Icon Bronzer. Highly pigmented and super cheap!!! Favorite Highlight was MAC shimmertime pigment mixed with a bit of moisturizer so so pretty!!!

 Primer for Face and Eyes:  Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk and Benefit's Lemonaid for the eyes. The Lemon aid is great for a primer or after a rough night really nice and brightening and the NYX pencil is so great for wearing under eyeshadows, it is going to make those colors pop like crazy!  Smashbox photofinish is my choice for the face although I would only wear this on special occasions I find using it too often will lead to breakouts due to the products ability to literally fill in fine lines and wrinkles it dosen't let your skin "breath" but nontheless its a total favorite.

Powders Press and loose:

Clinique Stay Matte is a longtime favorite for a reason its so silky and my skin looks and feels absolutely goregeous after application. Love it!  As far as loose powders go I gotta say coty airspun is not only economical but it looks good  and lasts FOREVER!!!!

 Wow, this catergory is kinda hard for me as my main makeup purchases go toward eyeshadow colors. My most reached for palette was my 120 palette you can't go wrong with 120 colors at your fingertips!  I  also really got in to HIP color Duo's this year, the pigmentation is Amazing and the color choices are Bold and Bright! And of course I can't get enough of Simply Kendra's loose shadows! :)~

Avon takes the cake with their smooth minerals concealer. Full coverage and the brush that goes with this is really nice!

As far as face products went I couldn't get enought Of PCA skin from their cleanser to their exfoliater their products are top notch!
Facial Moisturizer:
Love  Love Love Rare Minerals Moisturizer. Extremely Light, doesn't clog pores, sinks right in. Good Stuff!

Body Lotion

OMG this lotion smells so good your going to want to eat it fresh right out of the Jar!  Whoopie Cream Shea Butter from Farm House Fresh is AMAZING!

Self Tanner:
Wow this year I really do have a favorite actually I have two. Fake Bake airbrush mist and L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Instant Tanning Gel. Fake Bake is guranteed not to turn you orange, it gives just such a wonderful bronze color and L'Oreals sublime Bronze one day gel is FANTASTIC for one days worth of sunkissed skin, that and if you mess up, you can wash it off and start over!

Hair Products:

Tried and True I always seem to find myself picking of Pantene Pro-V love this stuff

My favorite multipurpose product that treats everything from tangles to split ends is" Its a 10" Miracle. It really just dosen't get any better that this! Its a Miracle!

Favorite Flat Iron Spray:  Kenra thermal protector, really really love this stuff ! I would like to note I also use this as my hairspray as it has a light hold
Split End Mender:

Thank you joico!!! When I get out of the shower Joico K-pak split end mender is the first thing I reach for. It really does a great job at smoothing my ends!

So there it is , some of my favorite proucts of 2010. Would love to  know what some of yours were! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks so much for reading and for all the support!