Friday, January 21, 2011

Eyeshadow Primers from Expensive to the low low

Does your Eyeshadow crease and fade within just a couple of hours of you applying it?  Then you most likely need an eyeshadow primer, if you don't know what that is, then you just found your newest best friend.
Don't blame your Eyeshadow, blame your oily lids, its a common problem and its an easy fix.  Eyeshadow primers create a protective barrier between your lids and your shadow keeping the oil at bay and helping your eyeshadow stay put and often help make your shadow look true to color.
So if your already not on the Eyeshadow Primer bandwagon and you feel clueless I am going to breakdown a few primer favorites, an unconvential method, and even a DIY.

Eyeshadow Primer 101 here we go:

Popular Favorites:

These favorites are here for their cult like following

Urban Decay Primer Potion:  This primer reigns king in the world of primers, although a tad on the expensive side, your going to be out around 20.00 bucks for a small tube. I  highly recommend it, a little goes a long way! Ulta and Sephora will have sample sizes sometimes, so if you like to try before you buy check those store's out for ongoing promotions.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: This primer, another favorite among makeup girlies is priced a little bit cheaper at around 15.00 a tube.  In my opinion Its a good choice for those that have semi oily lids. I don't feel it works as well as Urban Decays Primer potion but nonetheless its not a favorite without reason!

On the low low:

Don't feel like shelling out alot of money for a primer here are a couple low priced options.

ELF Eyeshadow primer:  At about 3 bucks a tube, you just can't beat it, I personally really like and do use this primer from time to time. Although I have never actually used it on a client. It does work great on me, FYI my lids aren't that oily... so that being said I can't tell you how well it works on really oily lids.

NYX jumbo pencils:  I can't say enough about these pencils at 3-4 bucks a pop you can afford to get one in every color.  Dries to a nice matte texture on the lids and comes in a variety of colors. I really like this pencil in the shade "MILK" which is just a nice white, also really  makes whatever shadow your wearing pop!

The Unconventinal:

Monistat Chaffing gel:  Don't be embarssed, lol. This stuff makes a GREAT a primer for the lids and the face. In my own opion it is VERY comparable to smashbox photofinish Primer!  Your lids will stay Matte ALL day long!


1 part foundation
2 parts facial moisturizer

Mix together and apply to eyes!

this is great for girlies that lids aren't super oily.

Other EASY Ideas:
 For very oily lids just use an extra matte foundation on eyelids

Alot of ladies swear by just cream concealer!

So there you go! Just a few ideas on getting your lids Eyeshadow ready!



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Mandi said...

I really love the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I use it daily. I'm new to eyeshadow primer but now that I've discovered it I'll never go without it again. My eyeshadow colors are more vibrant and they stay on all day long. I don't have super oily lids but this primer works GREAT. No creasing at all!

Jen Sparkles said...

Being the make-up addict I am I have Urban Decay primer potion, 2 faced shadow insurance, and a rainbow of NYX jumbo pencils. They all work the same for me almost. I have found that for my dramatic eyes I will use UDPP and an NYX pencil of the same shade of eyeshadow I am using. I have yet to try the ELF because I have a stock of UDPP. My 2 faced shadow insurance is sitting there as back