Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping HAUL!!! Ulta * Bath and Body Works* Hobby Lobby * Ross


Mandi said...

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love This Post:

1. I love you Kendra!
2. You're moving back to Louisiana and YES...COME TO SHREVEPORT!
3. I love shopping and I love your shopping haul videos.
4. I have all of those stores near me.
5. Love that you're short and you love me.
6. I want to go to ROSS right now and look for those same dresses.
7. That bag from Hobby Lobby is fabulous...yet another thing I need to purchase.
8. I too am in love with Lash Blast.
9. Can't wait for the Beauty Survivalist to start.
10. That zebra background is fab!

That is all,
Mandi =)

Simply Kendra said...

:) Thank you Mandi :)
~I love you Too Mandi!~
~When I make it to Shreveport I promise I will let you know! Thank you so much for your sweet words they make me happy :)