Friday, February 11, 2011

For all you Waxing Queens : My Favorite hard and soft Waxes For the body and the face

Hey Ladies!!!

So For all you starting our in the beauty industry or for u  Amateur Waxing Mama's I wanted to suggest some of my favorite Waxes.  When I first started out I just didn't know what to use , in school we used Gigi and honestly I just wasn't a fan, so after much trial and error I found several waxes that now have permanent homes in my Esthetician Room * Note I do live in a  Humid Climate and these waxes work really well here

Waxes for Facial Hair:
Hard Wax : Hands down Cirepril Rose Wax
Image 1
Strip Wax: I love the Satin Smooth Cream Wax
Satin Smooth Wax Deluxe Cream 14 oz. Jar

Body Waxing :  Berrins Ease Soft wax.. Love it!
Berins Ease Tin 14oz

On the Cheap: Satin Smooth Cream Wax

Satin Smooth Wax Deluxe Cream 14 oz. Jar

Brazillian Waxing:

Hard Wax: Cirepril Blue ( I also use this for nose waxing!)
Image 1

Soft Wax:  Epillyss Millenia , this one of my most favorite waxes! It acts like a hard wax yet is a soft strip wax and is FANTASTIC on coarse hair including Brazillians and Mens Waxing (backs, chests.. ect)

Millenia Lukewarm Wax 20oz.

Well my loves , I just wanted to make a few sugestions!

Happy Waxing!




Ange said...

Nose waxing? My eyes are watering just reading that!

Simply Kendra said...

LOL believe it or not it's the ONLY wax procedure that has absolutely no discomfort at all! I will do a video soon on how to do it!

Jen Sparkles said...

I am so ready for you to be home so I can get my brows done! LOL. I refuse to do anything Tell me about this nose waxing... I am going to have to get your take on lip waxing