Monday, February 21, 2011

My Personal Quick Beauty Fixes

Okie dokie here are a few things I do when I am in a pinch

Stray Brows : I swear I have cowlicks in my eyebrows sometimes quick fix... Vaseline! Works like a charm everytime to smooth things out

Bags under your Eyes: Cold spoons!! I always keep two in my freezer for morning when my eyes think their going on vacation.

Frizzy hair- I have really curly hair and if I am out of a frizz serum I will use just a dab of lotion or conditioner mixed with water and run it through my hair dry, works everytime!!

 Eye Makeup remover-   Take a cottonball and pour a little olive oil on it! Works great in a pinch. (If wearing contacts, REMOVE them first! I learned the hard way!!!)

Deodorant-  Baby Powder! Or cornstarch with a little fragranced oil added to give it a nice scent!

Pimples- I swear by a cutting small piece of tomato and rubbing it on your pimple let it dry over night. The acids in tomato will dry it out!  Also you can crush up an asprin and mix it with a little water to make a paste  leave on for 20 mins. The salicylic acid from the asprin will reduce inflamation and also dry it out!

Out of toner- Witch Hazel works great although I can't stand the smell of the stuff!!!

Out of Foundation: Take your favorite moisturizer and mix in a little bit of your favorite colored powder  makes a great light foundation or I guess you could say a tinted moisturizer.. ALSO if you think your jar of foundation is empty add a dab of makeup remover you should be able to get a few more uses out of it!!!

Well ladies these are a few of my quick fixes!  What are yours? I would love to hear them!!!


p.s. I will be doing my beauty survival series on youtube soon I have been in the process of moving and once settled in I will sit down and make them!! xoxo

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Mandi said...

Cornstarch is also really good for diaper rash/heat rash.