Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue smokey eyes and Tips on how to use loose eyeshadow dry or wet

How to use loose eyeshadow Dry

First thing you need to do is sprinkle a small bit of shadow into the lid

Next we want to protect our under eye area from fallout, you can do this one of two ways:

 Way number one Use a piece of paper, tissue, paper towel... anything along these lines to protect from fallout

OK now way #2 and this is what I prefer to do. Take  a loose powder and sweep it under your eyes. When your done putting on your eyeshadow you simply dust off the powder!

OK now its time for the shadow. Pat your brush gently into the shadow and tap off any excess back into your lid.

Now its time to apply to the eye.  With loose shadows you want to apply your eyeshadow in a patting motion, a sweeping motion may be used if you want just a wash of color.

OK wow, see all that fallout above?  Well once your finished applying shadow just sweep it away with a brush, your loose powder has prevented it getting on your skin, yay!

And that is how we apply loose shadow or pigment to our eyes dry. Next I am going to show you how to apply shadow wet or foiled.  Alot of people like to apply loose shadow this way because you don't have to take all the necessary precautions for fallout as you do the dry way. All you need is a little shadow and a couple drops of water, your shadow mixture shouldn't be too thick or too thin. Add a little water at a time to reach the proper consistency. When wetting your shadow you are going to make your shadow color super intense so I hope you like a little drama!  Also a wet shadow makes a great eyeliner just apply with a flat brush.

You apply wet shadow in the same way as you applied it dry, in a patting motion. Once on wait a minute or two for the shadow to dry.

See how intense the color is?  To turn this blue eye into a finished smokey eye  blend a black shadow into the crease , highlighted the brow with a shimmery white add eyeliner and a black Mascara.

Well ladies and gentlemen  I hope these tips helped you out in one way or another! Thanks for reading!



p.s. The blue eyeshadow is called Starry Night and it's one I have made, ain't it pretty? :)

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