Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MAC warm thrillseekers Tartan review

Ok this will be the last time I mention the tartan warm pigments. Wow what can I say I wait all year for these mini pigment sets and this set was just.... ok.....Mind you the colors are pretty but they just aren't for me. The only two colors that will be in use in my personal makeup kit for eyes will be the Gilted Green and Reflects bronze these are really really pretty on! The rest of the colors really just aren't doing it for me.

left to right: Most Darling , Reflects Bronze, Gilded Green, Gift o'Glamour, Gold Mode

The worst of the bunch would have to be "Most Darling" its a medium tone brown and is just not very flattering.. the texture is yuck.. very chalky..and the color payoff is yuck as well. Gift o'Glamour and Gold mode although they don't look good on my lids I think they will be pretty mixed with some gloss. Oh also Gift o'glamour mixed with a little facial moisturizer makes a great highlighter. So all is not lost.  If your in the market for something from this collection I suggest skipping the warms and going with the smokey collection!

not the best pic.. sorry! This is the green w/ bronze glitter on top

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