Thursday, November 18, 2010

How do bodywraps work and can I lose weight getting a body wrap?

Thinking about getting a bodywrap?  Wondering how exactly it is that you can lose up to 20 inches in one hour?  Well you have come to the right place. Although some people choose body wraps for their detoxifying purposes most are wanting to see a loss in inches due to a slimming wrap.

What kind of bodywraps are there?
Bodywraps come in many forms. Some use mud and clays, some use gels, and almost all use some form of compression such as being wrapped in ace bandages , gauze, or cellophane.

What to expect when coming in for a body wrap?
Before coming into the spa or salon most Estheticians will recommend drinking atleast 20 oz water as you will be losing water during the service due to the compression of the wrap.

When you arrive you will be measured around areas such as your thighs, arms, buttock, and abdomen so you will have a clear record of how many inches you have lost once the wrap is finished

Next you will remove all or some of your clothes so your Esthetician can apply their solution of choice to your body.

Your Esthetician then will most likely wrap you up tight and either have you lay in a relaxing place  covered with a blanket or a Mylar sheet.  Some wraps require a low intensity exercise such as a walk on the treadmill to help release more stored up water in your body.

The whole process shouldn't take more than an hour. Your Esthetician will then come in unwrap you and take your measurements again and hopefully you will come out looking more toned and have lots and lots of inches gone!

Body wraps normally come in a series so be ready to rebook!

But how did  the wrap work?

Well as I said there are many different kinds of wraps used but they all have the same basic principle.  All bodywrap solutions either contain strong concoctions of herbs, aloe,  vitamin enriched mud and clays... lots of good stuff that is meant to help penetrate and detoxify the skin. The warmth of blankets or exercise will further help your bodywrap solution penetrate.  The reason for wrapping is also to help aid in the penetration of product but the main reason is  to help compress the fat cells. This is where the real inch loss and detoxifying properties start working. When shrinking the fat cell the theory is you will also help detoxify that cell. That is why after your appointment you should drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins your cells released during your bodywrap. You should also avoid anything salty, fatty, or carbonated. You just got a bodywrap, lets keep that inch loss for as long as we can.

How long will this last?

Well that depends on you, if you can stay away from the things I said to avoid then you will most likely hold on to it for a while. If you go on eating badly then don't look for it to last more than a weeks or so.

Can you lose weight?

Yes and no. Depending on your frequency of bodywraps and your commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can lose weight. I find that most clients that book a long series of wraps 8-10 will end up losing somewhere along the lines or 10-15 pounds. Is it the wraps? Is the change in lifestyle? I like to say both. If your getting  one or two wraps before a special occasion your most likely not going to lose anything but the incredible inch loss is a fantastic motivator to do something about those few extra pounds you might need to lose.

So whether you are thinking about trying out a bodywrap or just wanted a little info, I hope I helped.

Happy wrapping ladies!



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Mandi said...

I've always heard of these but have been skeptical. I understand the process now but still don't know if it's for me...I don't want random people measuring my fat! LOL I'd let you do it though...advantage of friendship.

Thanks for the info! Love your blogs!