Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Protector Review

A few weeks ago  while picking up a box of hair dye at Walgreen's I came across this product by Garnier Fructis called Blow dry protector. It promised less frizz and faster styling times. But also said wait two weeks before or after dying hair. So I made a mental note to pick some up in a couple of weeks after I dye my hair. Well apparently my brain lost this note because I forgot about it until the other day while browsing the shelves in Walmart. So I picked up a box .
Paid around 11.00

When I got home I decided to look this up and read a few reviews ( I know, reading reviews AFTER I have already bought the item?!?) Well much to my dismay there were a ton of Bad reviews for this. The main ones being damage to ends, extreme dryness, color fading, and a bad odor.... GREAT! ha. Well I then saw a  few good reviews, some girls even comparing it to getting a Brazilian blow out. It was also an Allure beauty award winner. So I had mixed emotions before trying this out but decided to come to my own conclusions.
First I followed directions to the "T". I washed my hair and then added the first serum, I combed it through my hair to make sure it was completely saturated.  This serum is suppose to sit in your hair for 20 mins focusing on the ends and the middle. Then I rinsed this completely out and added the second serum. This serum you leave in. The last step is blow drying your hair straight, as the last serum is activated by heat. Note my hair is pretty long, curly and dry. The Verdict.....Well,  my hair didn't fall out nor did I notice any new breakage. My color is also still in tact.  After applying the first serum the odor was quite bad kinda like  a mix of hair dye and nail polish remover but nothing that a girl can't handle.    As far as dryness is concerned, I didn't notice, but as stated before my hair is already dry. I  have noticed alot less frizz. My hair also takes about 50% less time to dry. So that's a good thing! Did this product make my hair straight. No. Is is suppose to? No. Do they make it seems as the product will do this? Yes. Will I buy this product again. No.     Eleven bucks for seven washes just doesn't seem worth it too me. Invest in a a good frizz protector and shine serum, it will do the same thing. I recommend It's a 10 miracle leave in treatment, good stuff.

Anyways hope this review was a help to you all.  If you do end up trying this I wouldn't recommend using the full amount of product if you have short or medium length hair, don't use on blonde or bleached hair (blondes seemed to have the most problems with color stripping). Also don't use on real damaged hair ( duhhhh Kendra )

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Anna said...

After the inital wash and blow dry it, if you just air dry your hair - what's the results?

Simply Kendra said...

Anna afer just airdrying my hair was still curly but noticeably smoother and with less frizz!