Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ulta Interview and MAC tartan update

Ok so I went to my interview today, everything seemed to go fine. I admit I was a tad nervous but the staff seems nice so my mind was put at ease. I was mainly asked questions like, "Name a situation where you have helped a coworker.." name a  time you helped a coworker"... I felt kinda like an idiot because I was like uhhhhhhhh.. I probably should have thought about these kind of questions before going... I haven't done an interview in a while, my last two jobs I was approached and didn't have to go through the typical job process... yeah  I'm that good.... ha! oh well.. I did end up doing an eyebrow wax.. which was something I wasn't expecting to do but I did a simple cleanup on a random girl and she seemed to like it, it was so weird waxing brows having the client sitting up. I am really used to them laying down and working upside down on the brows. Who knows.. they have a few more girls to interview.. and seeing that its probably the only Esthetician job in a 50 mile radius that's hiring in a place that's saturated with Estheticians then well I guess it's anyone's job..

  Well  I did end up going to MAC and while there I picked up the Warm thrillseekers pigment set. Although I must admit the cool collection was quite tempting but then I saw it included the black soul pigment , I already have it and all I could think about was the massive amounts of fall out that is always left behind with that color, honestly the only way to work with it is wet (foiling) and I really don't like working with wet pigments unless I'm doing an eyeliner or I want the color super intense. The warm collections came with some pretty browns, a gold and a really nice green. These aren't colors I normally go for I like my eyeshadow bright and dramatic but I am really trying to build up a neutral collection of shadows. Although.... I don't know if these are what you would call your typical neutral, these pigments are packed with gitter and oomph  :)..... I will make sure to get swatches on here and some eyeshadow looks with this eye kit ASAP. Oh and it came in a super cute little tin, a step up from last years silver and turquoise box. Well my lovlies just wanted to update you, hope you have a lovely night it's time for this girl to hit the sack!


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