Monday, December 27, 2010

Friends, pics, eyeshadows,blogs and a contest.

How was everyone's Holiday?  Hopefully you all had a wonderful time!  I think I ate myself silly!  Candy, cookies, and cakes everywhere I went, I am still stuffed!!!!  Ha.

So this past month I sent a couple of the new colors shadows I have been blending out to friends and recieved this great pic of my friend Mandi wearing  "Naughty Librarian" (purple) and "Princess Fluffybutt" (pink)
They look great!
Thanks so much for taking the pic you look supercute, Mandi. :)
I would like to encourage my readers to check out Mandi's Blogs

Mandi ur so cute

Also my friend Jen took some great pics wearing naughty librarian. And you can check those out by by Clicking here (BTW Jen If you would like them uploaded here please send me a copy of the pics to my email at  Thanks so much for the support ladies, I am so happy to have your friendship!

I also would like to announce that in the next couple of weeks or so PowerfulflamingRose from youtube and I will be throwing a Makeup contest and although themes are still up in the air we are thinking something like "My Creepy Valentine".  You know how I love my scary makeup looks!  So I hope you all will participate ,we are gathering up some great makeup prizes!!! So stayed tuned!




Mandi said...

I can't even tell you how much I love the eyeshadows. I'm trying to think of some cool new looks for a New Year's Eve party I'm going to. Thanks for the shout out to my blogs.

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank for shout out. I will send you a better picture then the one I have on my blog. I actually have an upclose one that is really nice. I just have to dig through the 500 pictures on the hard drive since I compiled them As usual love the blog. I am not into scarey make-up. but if you do a contest for a valentines look without the scare let me know.. :)

Simply Kendra said...

Thank you Mandi :) For a New Years party I am thinking something smokey and sparkly!

Your Welcome Jen! I will make sure to let you know when I have a non creepy makeup contest! ha.

natural eyeshadows said...

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