Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Skincare

It's that time of year again ladies, the holiday season is upon us .  Its the time of year where we all seem to be the most socially active...  shopping, holiday parties, visiting with family,roasting chestnuts on an open fire... ha.  It's a busy time of the year, it is also the time of year where many of us suffer from dry and chapped skin.  So I just wanted to give you a few tips on keeping your skin looking and feeling its best this Winter.

This is Something you should be doing 365 days a year and not just in the summer and that is you need to be always  wearing a facial moisterizer with atleast an SPF of 15 .  I cannot stress how important this is. Just because it's not hot outside does not mean that the sun rays aren't any less damaging. You will thank me for this is in a few years.
I really like this one!

Wear protective clothing.  Keep bundled up and don't let the extremeties have a chance to to get to your skin.

No hot showers! Warm is fine but a really hot shower is going to dry your skin out more than ever. While in the shower use a body moisturizing shower gel  or try out something new like  a goat milk soap, which is a fatty soap and is oh so nice for the skin, Upon getting out of the shower lather on a nice thick lotion to keep all that moisture in.  Also you sufferers of Eczema, this should  always be the standard  in your routine.

 Chapped lips are major concern that most of us will suffer from this winter.
 Ok first of all stop licking those lips! Next keep your lips protected. I think the best thing to use is plain ole Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly. Either out of a jar or from a tube, start using it now before you they become chapped!  I do not recommend carmex or other lip products that contain menthol.  Menthol will dry your lips out! 

You know you love it.
I hope you enjoyed my tips to keeping Winter Woes at bay. The key, as always, is prevention.  So keep moisturized and bundled up this winter and you should be good to go!
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Mandi said...

My skin always gets so dry in the cold weather. But my lips stay soft and kissable...never chapped! I'm 100% completely addicted to cherry chapstick. I have one in my bedside table, I have one in my purse, I have one in my car, and I have one in my desk at work! That facial protection tip is a good one...something I fail at but need to start being diligent about!