Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ulta, Old navy and Flea Market shopping oh my!

If  you didn't already know. I love me some shopping and I love me some deals!  These are a few things I picked up in the last week..

Well I  went to a big flea market this past weekend and although I wanted everything I saw but I restrained myself and only picked up a couple of things.  I have always wanted one of those spoon handle necklaces and I found one for 10.00 but you know me...  after wheeling and dealing  I got it for 8.00! Never be afraid to ask a seller if they will take less for their item. The worst thing they can do is say no!


 If your my friend on facebook you have probably seen my purple bunny ear muffs already, I picked these up for 2.00. I thought they were just too cute. I can't quit wearing them!   I turn up the air conditoner everytime I come home from work so I can put them on. I can't wait for winter. Although with this southeast texas heat I don't know when thats ever going to happen!

Get your own pair, people!
Ok well this past Monday I scooted on over to the new Ulta  they just opened up here. Although they didn't have what I was looking for... I am dying for the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, which if your looking, this item won't be available again until 2011!  I did find some other goodies. I picked up a pretty cream lipstick by NYX in the color black cherry. This is a great shade of red! Right now at Ulta if you purchase any NYX products you get a second item for 1/2 off. This lipstick was 3.99 by itself.  By the way if you haven't heard of NYX, its really a fantastic makeup company. Great Products with high color payoff with prices that everyone can afford. Wow.. I sound like a commercial!

You know I had to get another NYX product to get my 50% off! So I picked up another eyebrow powder set. This set is suppose to for blondes but the last kit I picked up that was suppose to be for brunettes is a tad to dark, so now I am just kinda mixing the two and it seems to working out for an exact match. I like the new kits because they also add an eyebrow wax to keep those pesky stray eyebrow hairs at bay. This product was 4.99

 I also picked up a jumbo eye pencil from NYX in the color black bean. I love love love these super creamy pencils! I like using this pencil as a base for dark shadows great for a smokey eye that needs some staying power. Although I wouldn't recommend using this as an under eye liner, way too smudgey! I also have this pencil in the color milk and its one of my favorites and has truly become a staple in my makeup kit. They cost around 3.99.

Last but not least I picked up a white shimmer eyeshadow from this company called Essence for a 1.99. Nice staying power and great for highlighting the brow.

So I went to checkout I ended up spending about 13.00 dollars and signed up for their Emails and I got some free gifts! I ended up with an Ulta lotion in Vanilla, thick and creamy and it smells great! I also got an Ulta lipgloss, an ulta eyeshadow and a Kenra hair shine spray!
woooooo hooo!

Last but not least, I felt so great after getting my free loot at ulta I wandered over to Old Navy because I saw a sign that said 40% off clearance. There wasn't too much to choose from but I did pick up a few solid color t's for me to wear to work. A couple of them I only paid .88 cents for!!!! I ended up spending only 7.00 for 4 shirts!

Shirts for .88? Awesome!

Well I must give myself a pat on the back I got 4 work shirts, alot of makeup, a piece of jewelry, and the cutest earmuffs ever all for around 30.00!
And ya just CAN'T beat that!
Happy Shopping my Lovlies!

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