Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maybelline's Falsies Review plus Fall must have 2010 style staples

Well after reading the rave reviews about Maybeline's Falsies Mascara, I decided it was absolutely necessary to go out and buy a tube for myself. LOL. I purchased it in VERY BLACK and it was around 5.00.  Not too bad.

Well I can say I love the packaging, pretty and pink. But I open up the tube to discover it has a curved wand. Dang it! I always find Mascara with curved wands aren't always the easiest to work with. I believe they are designed to help you achieve a slight curl but I don't see it. Tip for curved wands: point the mascara wand down so it forms an upside u and then apply.

The Bad: I applied only two coats and this is the  clumpy mess I ended up with. Unless you are one of those girls that will pick through your lashes with a safety pin (yes, you know who you are)  or are willing to take the time to comb comb comb and seperate your lashes it just does not seem worth it to me.

The Good: Color payoff is AWESOME! Super Black!!  Really does Lengthen the lashes quite a bit as you can tell from the pictures.

Verdict: Well I don't think I will be repurchasing. I am a swipe and go kinda girl and this Mascara just seems to be too much work. If you DO have the time to unclump then hey, go for it, like I said the lengthening  and color payoff are really nice. But in the meantime I am gonna stick by covergirl Lashblast 

This is my favoritest mascara

Ok now onto some Fall Goodies I bought at Target. Prounced TarJAY incase you didn't know, lol.

Are these flats just not the cutest? These Sequin flats by Mossimo ran me about 12.99. Can't beat that ladies! Sequins are in this fall and this is a way to do it without going overboard. Wear these with a cute dress and jacket or with a pair with your favorite jeans for a casual look. You can't go wrong with these shoes!

If your like me and lose things constantly... such as gloves. I have good news, these cute chunky knit gloves come with a set of 2 and are only a 1.50. Thats only .75 cents a pair ladies. Too cute.

Berets!  This particular one was on sale for around 5.00. I also bought a white crocheted one a couple of weeks ago. Not only are they hot for this fall but they make you feel so Ooooo la la. HA!

Lucky Leggings by Assets, these were around the 14.00 mark. Paired with a long Tunic and some boots or a certain  pair of sequin shoes ;) these are truely an end of season staple. Another fun thing is you can recycle those summer dresses this fall by adding some leggings and jacket, Voila! your now a cost consious fashionista.


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