Friday, October 1, 2010

Eyeshadow update

 Well Ladies for the last two days I have been blending, mixing, and having lots of fun making some really pretty shades of eyeshadow

How I have remained relatively clean the last two days is beyond me... all these powders are Messy Messy. But I have been learning through trial and error and wanted to show you the shades I have come up with in the last 2 days!  Let me know what you think! Oh and hopefully I will have a new Halloween tutorial for you on youtube in the next couple of days. And if you have any requests let me know!

                                                                               ♥  k  ♥

                                                                 Day 1 Color swatches

I just couldn't wait to try on that green/gray shade

Me Likey

                                                                  Day 2 color blends

I  mixed day 2 colors with a mixing medium and poured them in these wells
 I will press them when they are dry!


Mandi said...

I'd like to know what color eyeshadow looks best on different colored eyes (i.e. what's best for blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, etc.). I use purple almost daily on my brown eyes.

Simply Kendra said...


You are using a great color for brown eyes! I have brown eyes too and when we swipe on any shade of purple from lilac to dark plum it's really going to make those warm tones in our eye color pop! Dark greens also look nice. Another favorite of mine for brown eyes would have to be a shimmery light blue (think baby blue) or dark gray on the lid paired with really black liner and mascara. Champagne looks good paired with dark brown liner and for a little more drama add a chocolate brown to the crease and give yourself a pretty brown smokey eye. And one of my favorite shades to wear is a bright teal on the lid, cover girl carries an awesome shade of this I absolutely adore. Any brown shadows with real red or ruddy undertones are a no no.

For my blue eyes vixens out there my favorite color is straight up black, black as you can get, respectfully only on the lid ,pair it with heavy black liner your blue eyes will never look bluer. Blue eye gals can also pull of a variety of earth tones. Grays also look nice. Just no blues please well unless its a really dark Navy!

Green Eye Mama's I love seeing you in dark chocolate browns and sassy purples. You also look really nice in Golds and Dark Greens . With all those pretty color flecks in green eyes these colors help intensify it!

Hope this helped!