Friday, September 24, 2010

Making eyeshadows, oh my!

Eyeshadows.. I love them I can't tell you how much money I have invested in buying all the colors of the rainbow, but there are still colors I wish I could find or wish my favorite lines would create. Soooo.. I am  just going to make them myself!  I thought about this when the spa here asked me to find a quality affordable  cosmetic line but I don't think an affordable spa line of makeup exsists!   So I ordered some pigments, micas, and lots of other goodies last night from various places and realized WOW.. I am paying MAC 20.00 for one eyeshadow.. why (well because they are so so so Beautiful) but besides that point... Why? MAC and the big makeup companies are making a KILLING!!!! So why not spend the next couple months learning how to do this myself and try and make fun and unique colors!?!  I already have a nice understanding of cosmetic ingredients  from school, so why not put that knowledge to use!And  then if everything goes well...  By the beginning of next year I would love to sell them , I am thinking Etsy. Also I would like to make them completely affordable I hate that sometimes I really want an item of makeup and I either can't buy it because I can't justify the amount I am paying for it or I buy it and feel REALLY guilty the next day. We are in a Recession people!   In the meantime I have been  thinking of some really cool palette names, am I getting way to ahead of myself? Probably.. :) Anyways just thought I would share :)

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