Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dinair vs Temptu

So I know I have been way behind on my blog sorry! But I have been super busy at work and it seems to be makeup season. Weddings, dances and Pageants galore lately! I have been doing ALOT of airbrushing lately so  I thought I  would take a minute to talk about the two foundations brands I use at work and how they compare. To start off with I do have the dinair compressor.

 It was just an affordable option for me I have the pro version and believe I got it for a little under 200.00. In addition I bought a 12 piece Temptu foundation kit so I could always be prepared for whatever skin tone that walked through the door. I realized very quickly that even though I was the using the water based Temptu line that they are entirely to thick for Dinair's gun. It was constantly clogging up.

Luckily I found out if I thinned it a bit with  Temptu's Aqua Converter it works fine and thats ok with me because it stretches out my little bottles. So when it comes to coverage I feel like temptu is better I think its more pigmented but when it comes to final results I have to say the finish on Dinair is prettier. I find temptu is is but more matte and has a heavier feel on the skin . Don't get me wrong, I feel both are good but Dinair just leaves such a pretty glow on the skin and feels just like your natural skin. I have heard lots of mixed reviews about Dinair but I really like the makeup. The 1oz bottles cost about the same actually Temptu might be a little cheaper. So all in all I like both but if I had to choose I would choose the Dinair. I found out today that Camera Ready Cosmetics had their own label brand at around 13.00 bucks a pop for a bottle, have any of you airbrushers tried that brand yet? That would be super sweet on the wallet! Hope I helped some of  you a little. And if your in my area and have never seen the wonders of airbrush on your face, well drop on in or book an appointment with me!

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